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Beautiful, tactile and well designed packaging will add value, intrigue and also a desire to buy the product inside.

Min Quantity: 1

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Packaging is arguably as important as the item it contains. Whether to act a functional requirement to protect the item from shipping to point of sale, or an informative function describing the contents or means of use, packaging is a key element to any product. Whilst there is a saying that a book shouldn’t be judged by the cover, there is no doubt that consumer selection of a product is heavily influenced by the product packaging. Digital finishing now also allows foiling and spot varnish which were once only viable on high volume packaging orders.

  • Specification:

  • Box Sleeves: -
  • Presentation Box: -
  • Mailer Box: -
  • Wine Box: -
  • Carrier Box: -
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  • Custom: Bespoke Sizes

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