Print Embellishment

Make your print work harder and create something beautiful.

In a digital word, print remains an important part of the marketing mix. Print covers many areas from business stationery to packaging to corporate brochures and many more areas to numerous to mention.

Embellishment of print is adding high value finishes such as spot UV, foiling, lamination, embossing to name a few that further improve the look and feel of the printed item. Whilst on demand print has grown over the years typically meaning lower print runs, embellishment of printed products remained a conventional process meaning high setup cost and not suited to shorter run printing.

Digital embellishment now offers many of the finishes that would be desired to add value to a printed item such as spot UV and foiling but now offers reduced setup cost and faster time to market. It is even possible to incorporate personalisation using these finishes such as foiling names on an invitation or certificate.

At Continuum we are always happy to discuss the best options for embellishment on your next printing project. We may even surprise you with options you haven’t even thought of!

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